Geometric Data Analytics, Inc.


Geometric Data Analytics, Inc. is a research and development company with a focus on solving complex data analysis problems. GDA merges expertise from academia with solutions that matter to industry and government.

GDA pioneers the development of shape analytics that extract cutting-edge features from data relevant to a variety of application areas. We use these features to enhance standard analytical methodologies such as machine-learning and statistics. GDA is also active in first-principle model discovery, simulation, and analysis.

GDA is built around a core team of Ph.D. scientists and professional software developers, with expertise across mathematics, physics, biology, data analysis, statistics, computer science, and engineering.

GDA works closely with its partners to understand the relationship between their needs and our expertise. We develop proof-of-principle methods, and then work closely with collaborators to integrate those methods within real-life, real-time application systems. We work within and adapt to myriad data-gathering systems, and are comfortable with a mixture of open-source and proprietary data, software tools, and hardware systems.